South Africa - Reitway Active Global Property Note

Fund AUM

R29m @ 31/05/22

Fund objective 


Minimum Investment

1 Note

The investment opportunity

The Reitway Active Global Property Note is issued by UBS AG.

The Reitway Active Global Property Note (the "Reference Portfolio") is a notional South African Rand ("ZAR" or the "Reference Portfolio Currency") denominated reference portfolio, created, actively managed and maintained by the Reference Portfolio Advisor, Reitway Global. The Note's portfolio replicates that of the Master Portfolio of the other actively managed long-only funds by Reitway Global.

The objective is to provide investors with efficient access to an actively managed global property portfolio through an instrument listed on the JSE.


The Note is the essence of diversification into liquid global real estate securities and offers:

  • Attractive yields
  • Geographic, sector and currency diversification
  • Rand hedge diversification
  • Long-term capital appreciation
  • Moderate volatility
  • Listed on the JSE and tradable throughout the day 

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Credit Risk: This is a Bank Issued Note that assumes the credit risk of UBS AG. (Issuer Rating: Aa3 (Moody's) / A+ (S&P's) / AA- (Fitch))

Performance Risk: The Note price will rise and fall in value according to the market changes to the reference portfolio it tracks 

Net Asset Value (NAV) Monitor

Click here for a link to the UBS live indicative pricing NAV feed. Select the PERFORMANCE tab.

How to invest

The Reitway Active Global Property Note is accessed via your Stock Broker or online trading application. 


Online Trading

Access through member firms on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

Market Makers

For orders in excess of R 5 million in one day, please contact the Market Makers:;

Rowan Bastard at 

Dharmesh Gangaram -

Launch date:
April 2020


UBS AG, London Branch
Absa Bank Limited


JSE code:

JSE Close price:
17h00 (CAT)

ISIN number:

Suggested investment horizon:
3-5 years

Total Expense Ratio:
1.30% (excl. VAT)

Management fee:
0.40% (excl. VAT)

Bloomberg ticker:



Absa Bank Limited 

LEI Number: