Experienced Investor Disclaimer (Relevant to investors who wish to view information on our Malta fund)

In the case of bodies of persons, the duly authorized officer's reading and consenting to the Experienced Investor Declaration (EID) on behalf of the respective body of persons, confirms that the Applicant meets the Experienced Investor criteria. When an application for investment is made through an intermediary, such intermediary is to ensure that this Declaration Form, duly completed, accompanies the Investor/s' Application Form. in the absence of information to the contrary, the Company and/or the Manager and/or Licensed Financial Intermediaries are entitled to rely upon the Investor's/s' declaration below as to whether the Investor's meet's at least one of the criteria listed below thus making him/her/them eligible to be treated as ‘Experienced Investors" as defined in the Fund's Supplementary Prospectus under the section ‘Definitions’ which definition is being reproduced hereunder. The Investor is (at least one of the following) a person who has relevant work experience having at least worked in the financial sector for one year in a professional position or a person who has been active in these type of investments; or a person who has reasonable experience in the acquisition and/or disposal of funds of a similar nature or risk profile, or property of the same kind as the property, or a substantial part of the property, to which the Scheme! Sub-Fund in question relates; or a person who has carried out investment transactions in significant size at a certain frequency (for example a person who within the past 2 years carried out transactions amounting to at least EUR50,000 at an average frequency of 3 per quarter).

By proceeding please note that we will be treating you as an Experienced Investor for regulatory purposes and you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not continue to use or access any pages of this website.