South Africa - Reitway Global Leveraged Equity Structured Product


The portfolio information provided below is based on the investment in the underlying holding - Reitway BCI Global Property Fund 

Diversification - at 31 October 2017

Geographic / Currency Diversification
Source: Reitway Global
Click on sector to get the exact percentage on the pie chart. Portfolio weights are subject to change without notice. Due to rounding,values might not add up to 100%
Property Sector Diversification
Source: Reitway Global

Top 10 holdings - at 31 October 2017

NamePortfolio %CodeExchange
SPW Reitway8.42%SLGP - 
Uniti Group Inc8.08%UNITNYSE
Simon Property Group4.77%SPGNYSE
Mitsubishi Estate Company4.28%8802.TTSE
American Homes for Rent3.76%AMHNYSE
QTS Realty3.61%QTSNYSE
Great Portland Estates 3.55%GPORLSE