Reitway Global focuses on a single asset class, global property, where we develop high-conviction views that generate wealth-enhancing returns over the medium and longer term.

This single application of intellect and energy is the cornerstone of a philosophy that incorporates discipline, pragmatism and the avoidance of unnecessary risk.

Being convinced that a superior performance can only be sustained in an ever changing investment landscape, we continuously challenge the prevailing investment methods.The overlay of long-term macro-economic trends on fundamental bottom-up analysis enables us to uncover property equities where a disparity exists between the intrinsic and market value of a counter.

Our funds are managed on a benchmark agnostic basis, which is expressed by taking positions beyond the components of conventional indices. This allows us to capitalise on the many property equities, which are so often overlooked by mainstream analysts or are not included in traditional global property indexes.

Our investment style is Growth at a Reasonable Price, as we actively seek out real estate companies with sound business models, good management and growth prospects. Risk is mitigated by an acceptable diversification into more conservative and traditional holdings.