The assessment of management is often referred to as a crucial element of investment analysis. If I had a Dollar for every time someone touted the importance of “management ability” or “management quality,” I’d undoubtedly have already retired. While it is proven that management can create and/or destroy shareholder value over time, the mechanics of how to measure this, however, can often be unclear.
As a portfolio manager with LaSalle Investment Management, Lisa Kaufman is responsible for researching and analyzing the securities of publicly traded real estate companies in the retail and industrial sectors. Having recently joined the Nareit Real Estate Investment Advisory Council, Kaufman spoke with REIT magazine about sustainability, active fund management, the changing world of retail and more issues in institutional real estate investment today. Click here to download full article (Source:
The GPR 250 REIT World Index exhibited a US Dollar (USD) total return of 1.04% during 3Q17. As the quarter progressed, persistently low inflation (and inflation expectations) saw the US 10-year bond yield dip below 2.1% during August 2017. Towards the end of the quarter, as US and other DM economic data proved resilient, the market pushed up bond yields.
Did you know that...... American Tower has a market capitalisation that exceeds that of Simon Property Group?  
Most people love sport! Statisticians claim that more than half the world’s population see themselves as football fans. That is more than 3.5 billion people! Like a good football game, played with passion and cheered on by a roaring crowd, a good investment portfolio brings all the excitement of a win to its owner.
Retail has been the bearer of much scrutiny over the past few months as E-commerce becomes a more evident reality. Store closures are increasing, affecting some of the biggest names in the sector, with retail trade slowing down.What does this hold for the REIT market? Globally there are 17 REIT sectors, of which 13 will not be affected and three stand to benefit.
Around the world there is a great deal of uncertainty around what is happening in equity markets. Things like high valuations and low volatility are leaving analysts deeply perplexed. Click here to download the full article (Source: Moneyweb)
Did you know...... The Real Estate sector outperformed the S&P 500 11 out of 14 times between 2002 and 2016?  
Mall REITs comprise roughly 13% of the REIT Indexes (VNQ and IYR) We track eight mall REITs within the sector, which account for nearly $90 billion in market value: CBL & Associates (CBL), GGP (GGP), Macerich (MAC), Pennsylvania REIT (PEI), Simon Properties (SPG), Tanger Facotry Outlets (TCO), Taubman Centers (TCO), and Washington Prime (WPG). Click here to download full article (Source: Seeking Alpha)