There have been seven funds that have made drastic performance improvements since the last FE fundinfo Crown Fund Rating rebalance by receiving a 5 Crown rating in August, up from a 1 Crown rating in March. These funds include Reitway Global  Click here to access full article (Source: MoneyManagement)
Sam Zell kicked off the NYU SPS Schack Institute's Summer 2020 REIT Leadership Series on July 8, 2020. Featuring some of the industry's most prominent Chairmen, CEOs, and other leaders, the series addresses key challenges facing REITs as they navigate our emergence from the pandemic, plan for the economic recovery, and craft strategies for the future. Click here to access full interview on YouTube (Source: NYU Schack Institute - YouTube)
UBS KeyInvest provides investors and traders with an exceptional tracking aid where the indicative pricing of the underlying property equities of the Actively Advised Note is calculated by the minute. The computations include a conversion of the respective currencies thus enabling the publishing of a live indicative BID / ASK spread. The results of this useful investment tool can be accessed on UBS KeyInvest - a sample of the information is listed below: 
The ongoing growth of any multinational company lies in its keystone investments, and as chief financial officer of one of the world’s biggest data centre companies, Andy Power has been involved in his fair share of these. Digital Realty’s global footprint crosses six continents, 21 countries, 45 metropolitan areas and counting. The data centre business is one of meaningful and strategic expansion, says Power, whose long view of global economic tides comes from experiencing them first-hand. He was part of the lead underwriting team that advised the San Francisco-headquartered company on its initial public offering in 2004 and has served…
As mall stores have closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, some landlords have found a new, surprising source of revenue—shopping center parking lots. CNBC reported that Brookfield Properties inked a deal with Kilburn Live to turn some of its mall parking lots into drive-in theaters that could host movies and virtual concerts.  With conventional theaters and concert venues closed and consumers eager to leave their house for entertainment, activating parking lots would seem like the right way for mall landlords to recoup lost income.  Click here to access full article  (Source:
Google doesn’t like to let people inside its data centers. But it DOES like to make its customers feel secure about the privacy and safety of its data. That’s why every few years, Google provides a video that provides an overview of its data center security – which also offers brief glimpses of the company’s facilities and technology for the data center nerds of the world (raising my hand here). Google has just published the 2020 video update of its security protocols, featuring a walk-through of a data center by Google Developer Advocate Stephanie Wong. Most of the tour is…
Dozens of retailers, some of them the lifeblood of America’s shopping malls, have been pushed to the brink and filed for bankruptcy during the coronavirus pandemic.  Click here to download full article (Source: CNBC)
Reitway Global has taken the initiative to list a new vehicle, namely an Actively Advised Note on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The Actively Advised Note replicates an internationally competitive and proven investment process. Duplicating the Reitway Global process infers that the resultant portfolio of the Reitway Active Global Property Note (Alpha code:  URETGP, ISIN: ZAE000285458) inherits an extensive pedigree albeit it only listed in April 2020.