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MARKET OVERVIEW The REIT & Bond Tango The listed real estate market continues to be influenced by movements in the bond markets and this was the main reason for the 8.12% correction by Global REITs during the second quarter. REITs are currently more correlated with bonds than they have ever been in history. The relationship between the two assets classes has increased significantly during the past 3 years and they look as though they are dancing the tango.
With its relatively low beta to global equities, global REITs can provide valuable diversification within a multi-asset-class (MAC) portfolio. This can be particularly useful at times when the risk of a correction in equity markets is great. Regardless of the outlook for equities, however, the inclusion of lower beta positions can still improve the risk-adjusted returns of a MAC portfolio.  
Market Overview Entering 2015, the theme was one of divergence of economic performance amongst various regions and countries. Given this, as well as divergent global monetary policies, currencies were also expected to continue to exhibit heightened volatility (particularly weakness against the USD in many cases).
The start of 2015 has been characterised by a flow of capital to safe-haven real estate markets like New York and London. Investors are indeed willing to “pay-up” for what is regarded as a safe investment.As part of our philosophy to look past what the mainstream market commentators and analysts are recommending, we found a market that is still early in its upcycle and worthy of more attention from real estate investors.
The global economyIn June last year, the World Bank predicted global economic growth of 2.8% and 3.4% in 2014 and 2015, respectively. 2014 surprised on the downside, clocking in at 2.6%.
Market Overview The global REIT market is up 27.89% in dollar terms during the 1-year period ending 31 January 2015. The return generated by this asset class has far outpaced the performance of Global Equities and Global Bonds during the corresponding period.
Global property funds produced an impressive return of close to 30 percent to the end of December 2014. This may prompt you to consider including these funds in your portfolio – or is the party over, and will latecomers be doomed to pedestrian or even negative returns?