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Portfolio Performance - March 2020 Our portfolio outperformed the benchmark substantially (+18.89%) due to superior sector and stock selection. Our cash raising efforts at the end of February also protected our portfolio performance during March. Our benchmark, the GPR 250 REIT World Index produced a total return of -29.58% in US dollar terms during the first quarter of 2020.  
An interesting discussion around how different REIT sectors have been impacted by COVID-19 and current market volatility, and what separates the stronger sectors from the rest. Click here to download full article (Source: Seeking Alpha)  
The impacts of COVID-19 are dragging almost every stock lower. Today, we want to discuss our expectations for real estate subsectors. We are going to emphasize expectations for long-term buy-and-hold investors. Our top four sectors for surviving COVID-19 are data centers, cell towers, industrial REITs, and housing REITs. We don't know when this decline will end, but we do know that fundamental valuations have become dramatically more attractive in our preferred property types. Click here to download full article (Source: Seeking Alpha)
  3 April 2020 Reitway Global, together with partners Absa Bank Limited and UBS AG, launched their first Actively Managed Note (AMN) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The Reitway Active Global Property Note's portfolio replicates that of the other active, long-only funds managed by Reitway Global. The objective of this Note is to provide investors with efficient access to an actively managed global property portfolio through an instrument listed on the JSE.  We will be launching the product via Zoom on April 15th at 10h00. Please contact Olivia ( if you would like to attend. Here also a direct…
It’s not too late for investors to embrace the universe of global listed property, especially as local stocks languish.  It is high time for SA property investors to include offshore companies in their portfolios if they want a fighting chance at decent returns. Offshore listed property, widely known as global real estate investment trusts (Reits), was one of the best money-spinning sectors in the world last year. It delivered a stellar 21% average total return in rand terms (as measured by the GPR 250 Reit index). Click here to download full article (Source: Financial Mail)  
Portfolio Performance - December 2019 The global real estate market, as represented by the GPR 250 REIT World Index, delivered 0.17% in US dollar terms during the fourth and final quarter of 2019. Our portfolio outperformed the benchmark due to superior sector and stock selection.
What Is A Conviction Buy? Is it true that one can reduce risk by buying stocks with a cheaper valuation? Should valuation play such an important role in the investment process? When I search for investment opportunities, I do not ignore valuation, but valuation is the last element I look at. I don't buy stocks just because they're cheap; on the contrary, most of the time, I avoid stocks because they do not pass my qualitative filters like strong balance sheets or aligned management teams. In this article, I explain what it takes for stock to become a high conviction…
The REIT Paradox: A Factor Analysis In this report, we take a deep dive to analyze the underlying factors that drove performance within the REIT sector over the past decade and extract the major lessons that can be learned. Even as REITs have permeated into the investing mainstream, many of the traditional "style factors" and stock-picking techniques that work in other equity sectors haven't worked in the REIT space, a conundrum that has puzzled analysts and investors. Click here to download full article (Source: Seeking Alpha)