This fund has been approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority and an application has been submitted to the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority for approval. The fund is regarded as an unregulated fund in South Africa
Malta - Reitway Leveraged Global Property Portfolio (MLT)


Fund performance relative to benchmark (Total Return) - Class B1 (Retail) as at 31 January 2019

Note: The fund’s Total Return is computed using income net of the deduction of withholding tax. The benchmark’s performance is therefore adjusted to reflect the withholding tax deduction allowing for comparative performance. The Total Return is calculated on a monthly basis. The figures therefore begin with the first full months data i.e. January 2013

USD - Cents

Benchmark details

The GPR 250 REIT NET TR Index is a subset of the GPR 250 Index and covers all companies having a REIT-like structure. This in combination with the consistently applied rules for company inclusions results in the GPR 250 REIT NET TR Index being a sustainable representation of the global Real Estate Investment Trust market.

Monthly total returns

Please note that the following currency denominated graphs have different inception dates. The respective graphs depict an inception date that corresponds with the first investment inflow in the specific currency.

USD - Retail Class B1
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul AugSep Oct Nov Dec YTD 
2019Fund %14.28           14.28
Benchmark %*11.05           11.05
2018Fund %(3.59)(10.89)1.96** 2.22** 2.41 1.29 0.53 2.69 (4.64) (8.70) 0.49 (8.55) (23.28)
Benchmark %*(2.18)(6.58) 1.94** 1.04** 2.19 2.83 0.86 1.81 (2.47) (2.76) 3.88 (6.04) (4.70)
2017Fund %-(2.00)3.531.46 
Benchmark %*(0.02)1.17 1.15 

GBP - Retail Class C1
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD 
2019Fund %10.64           10.64
2018Fund %(8.28)(8.02) 0.48 4.53 6.01 2.94 0.34 3.64 (4.95) (6.81) 0.64 (8.39) (17.89)
2017Fund %(2.91)3.590.58 

EUR - Retail Class D1
  JanFeb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD 
2019Fund %-            
2018Fund %- - - - - - -  - - - - -
2017Fund %
Source: Global Property Research (GPR), JTC Fund Solutions & Reitway Global
*Benchmark Total Return data is net of withholding tax
**Performance for March is calculated as at 21 March 2018 as investors withdrew the total of Class B1. Performance for April is calculated from 5 April 2018 as investors entered Class B1.