Malta - Reitway Leveraged Global Property Portfolio (MLT)


Fund Asset Value

USD 3.01 million

Risk profile


Minimum Investment

USD 10 000

South African Investors must invest an equivalent of R1 million 

The investment opportunity

The Reitway Leveraged Global Property Portfolio (MLT) is an investment product that provides investors with a geared exposure to a master portfolio of REITs and REIT-like equities, constructed by Reitway Global. The additional level of leverage is 30%, managed in a band of 27% to 33%.

Investors need to be aware that the gearing magnifies returns (and losses) and is aimed at those seeking geared upside to a Global Property portfolio.

The fund is domiciled in Malta, priced daily, and can be entered using USD, GBP and EUR.

In addition, investors benefit from the Reitway Leveraged Global Property Portfolio (MLT) being a roll up fund, where the excess income earned over and above the cost of the interest is not taxed.

Portfolio Objectives:

The fund’s primary objective is to generate high levels of capital appreciation utilising liquid global property assets.

The investment may be appropriate for you if:

  • You expect Reitway Global will generate income returns greater than the interest levied to fund the additional gearing
  • You are looking for an investment that offers geared upside (with the knowledge that gearing can also magnify any downside movements)
  • You have a minimum of USD/GBP/EUR 10 000 to invest
  • You have an initial investment horizon in excess of three years (with immediate access to your funds if required)

This investment may not be appropriate for you if:

  • You want 100% principal protection under all conditions
  • You want regular dividends and income
  • You do not wish to take credit risk on the loan providers
  • You do not wish to assume the risk of the downside gearing

Platform / LISP availability

  • Swissquote

Performance fees:
No performance fees

Inception date:
 27 November 2017
Portfolio category:
Global – Real Estate - General
Minimum investment size:
USD 10 000 or currency

Annual management fee:
Retail: 1.5%
Institutional: 1.00%

Statement Frequency:

Investment horizon:
3-5 years

Bloomberg Ticker:
Class B1: RLGPB1N:MV
Class C1: RLGPC1N:MV
Class D1: RLGPD1N:MV
Total Expense Ratio:
ISIN Number:
Class B1:MT7000021440
Class C1:MT7000021457
Class D1:MT7000021473

Valuation time:
24:00 (Malta time)

Transaction time:
12:00 (Malta time)

LEI number:

Sparkasse Bank (Malta)

Fund Administrator:
JTC Group Guernsey