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Malta - Reitway Global Property Portfolio


This fund has been approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority and an application is being prepared for submission to the South African Financial Services Board. The fund is regarded as an unregulated fund in South Africa.

This portfolio replicates a master portfolio constructed by Reitway Global.

Diversification - at 31 July 2018

Geographic / Currency Diversification
Source: Reitway Global
Click on sector to get the exact percentage on the pie chart.Portfolio weights are subject to change without notice. Due to rounding,values might not add up to 100%
Property Sector Diversification
Source: Reitway Global

Top 10 holdings - at 31 July 2018

 Name Portfolio %CodeExchange
Simon Property Group5.10%SPGNYSE
NEPI Rockcastle4.85%NRPJSE
Invitation Homes4.04%INVHNYSE
American Homes for Rent4.00%AMHNYSE
LEG Immobilien3.52%LEGDAX
Big Yellow Group3.51%BYGLSE

Risk profile

Reitway Global reviews its individual portfolio components and assigns a quantitative risk rating on a monthly basis.The rating is based on the Beta* of each security in the portfolio relative to the MSCI World Index.

*Beta is a measure of the systematic risk of a security in comparison to the market as a whole.

The chart below reflects the overall rating of the portfolio.