Malta - Reitway Global Property Portfolio


This portfolio replicates a master portfolio constructed by Reitway Global.

Diversification - at 31 January 2019

Geographic / Currency Diversification
Source: Reitway Global
Click on sector to get the exact percentage on the pie chart.Portfolio weights are subject to change without notice. Due to rounding,values might not add up to 100%
Property Sector Diversification
Source: Reitway Global

Top 10 holdings - at 31 January 2019

 Name Portfolio %CodeExchange
NEPI Rockcastle4.21%NRPJSE
Simon Property Group3.98%SPGNYSE
Invitation Homes3.29%INVHNYSE
Big Yellow Group3.07%BYGLSE

Risk profile

Reitway Global reviews its individual portfolio components and assigns a quantitative risk rating on a monthly basis.The rating is based on the Beta* of each security in the portfolio relative to the MSCI World Index.

*Beta is a measure of the systematic risk of a security in comparison to the market as a whole.

The chart below reflects the overall rating of the portfolio.