Malta - Reitway Global Property Portfolio (MLT)


Fund Asset Value

USD 52.33 million

Risk profile


Minimum Investment

USD 10 000

The investment opportunity

The Reitway Global Property Portfolio, which has been approved by both the South African Financial Services Authority and the Malta Financial Services Authority, offers a seamless exposure to a portfolio of distribution-producing global real estate securities.

While the securities are largely located in the developed markets of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, the fund does not exclude exposure to developing economies where compelling investment opportunities present themselves.

Portfolio objectives

The fund’s primary objective is to generate high current income, however investors will reap the inherent benefits of capital appreciation that come with real estate assets. The portfolio may be invested in global real estate securities and property-related securities. The portfolio’s property exposure will always exceed 75%.

Experienced investor requirements

An investor in the fund needs to display a required level of investment experience. The investor must:

  • have worked as a professional in the financial sector for at least one year; or
  • have reasonable experience in the acquisition and disposal of funds of a similar nature, risk profile, or exposure to property; or
  • have carried out investment transactions of a defined size and frequency*

*A guideline to the meaning of "defined size and frequency" is a person with sufficient investment experience and knowledge to weigh the risks and merits of an investment opportunity, who within the past 2 years carried out transactions amounting to at least EUR 50 000 at an average frequency of 3 per quarter.

Only applications that comply with the experienced investor requirements will be considered. Click here to read the full disclaimer:


The fund is the essence of diversification and liquid global real estate securities and offers:

  • Attractive yields
  • Geographic, sector and currency diversification
  • Long-term capital appreciation
  • Moderate volatility

Platform / LISP availability

Performance fees:
No performance fees

Inception date:
26 February 2018
Portfolio category:
Global – Real Estate - General
Minimum investment size:
USD 10 000 or currency

Annual management fee:
Retail: 1.5%
Institutional: 1.00%

Statement Frequency:

Investment horizon:
3-5 years

Bloomberg Ticker:
Class B1: REGPPB1:MV
Class C1: REGPPC1:MV
Class D1: REGPPD1:MV

Tickers for all additional classes can be found here

Total Expense Ratio:
ISIN Number:
Class B1:MT7000021325
Class C1:MT7000021358
Class D1:MT7000021382

Valuation time:
24:00 (Malta time)

Transaction time:
12:00 (Malta time)

LEI Number:

Sparkasse Bank (Malta)

Fund Administrator:
JTC Group Guernsey