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Reitway Global Property Portfolio

A - Retail Class (AUD)AU0000XINEZ8SRWGPAA:AU2017-11-16$1.3332
B - Institutional Class (AUD)AU60SLT00576SRWGPAB:AU2017-11-16$0.9546

Reitway Global Property Portfolio

Class B1 (USD) - Retail MT7000006623REGPB1U:MV2017-11-16$1.1897
Class B2 (USD) - InstitutionalMT7000007787REGPB2U:MV2017-11-16$1.2564
Class B3 (USD) - Distributing (Institutional)MT7000011896REGPB3U:MV2017-11-16-
Class C1 (GBP) - Retail MT7000006649REGPC1G:MV2017-11-16£1.2204
Class C2 (GBP) - Institutional MT7000007795REGPC2G:MV2017-11-16£1.0829
Class C3 (GBP) - DistributingMT7000011888REGPC3G:MV2017-11-16-
Class D1 (EUR) - Retail MT7000006664REGPD1E:MV2017-11-16€1.0767
Class D2 (EUR) - InstitutionalMT7000007803REGPD2E:MV2017-11-16€0.9835
Class D3 (EUR) - Distributing MT7000007803REGPD3E:MV2017-11-16-
South Africa

Reitway BCI Global Property Fund

Class A (ZAR) - Retail ZAE000186946BCIGLPA:SJ2017-11-17R2.3636
Class C (ZAR) - InstitutionalZAE000188181BCIGLPC:SJ2017-11-17 R2.3667
South Africa

Reitway Global Leveraged ESP



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