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Reitway Global - Independent Investment Advisory Committee

The role of the Committee is to oversee the investment thought process of the Reitway Global portfolio management team, ensuring they fulfil their responsibilities to formulate an investment house view and to apply the view when constructing the master portfolio. Further, to ensure the team invests according to the criteria and constraints of the respective mandates while avoiding specific investment related conflicts of interest.

The Committee mitigates the risk of herding behaviour within the investment team and provides investors with a reasonable level of comfort that the investment team as well as the performance of that team are objectively reviewed. Thus adding a balanced oversight.

Further information on the duties and functions of the Committee can be found in the
Avril Stassen (Chairman)
Senior Partner at Agri-Vie Investment Advisors (Pty) Ltd and SP Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd
B.Acc (Hons), B.Comm (Hons), ACMA, CA(SA), CFA
Tony Da Silva
B Compt (Hons), CA (SA)
Andrew Koch
Founder and principal of Florin Capital Management
B.Com, B.Compt (Hons), CA(SA)
Penelope Dreyer Smith
B.Com(Hons), CIMA(stage 4), Diploma(Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management), CFA(level 1)
Frederic Bouchard
Founder and principal of Florin Capital Management
Bsc (Act Sc)
Stephen Pratt
Director at Prime Asset Managers
Hedge Fund Cat IIA Key individual