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Benchmark Agnostic, Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP) Global Listed Property investing

The global listed property sector has an increasing market capitalisation, helped by a growing number of countries adopting the REIT structure. In addition, there are now 16 recognised sub-sectors which in themselves are substantial, liquid and can exhibit significantly uncorrelated fundamental and market price behaviour

Our funds are managed in a benchmark agnostic manner, which means that we do not use the index as a starting point for portfolio construction. Thus, we are able to take advantage of the disparate property cycles of the respective countries and sub sectors. Consequently, our portfolios often exhibit significantly different exposures than that of benchmark indices.

Further, our GARP approach describes a focus on investing in REITs that offer the best cash flow growth prospects, at a reasonable price. A crucial component of this discipline is allocating capital to these REITs when they are trading at relatively attractive valuations.