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The past few months have been a disappointing time for investors in South African and other global stock markets. At the time of writing the JSE ALSI had lost 8% in value since the highs reached in April of this year. The Australian (-15.25%) and Brazilian markets (-19.09%) have declined even further from their highs for the year.
Canadian publicly listed real estate investment trusts (REITs) have declined on average by 16% in price since their January 2015 highs. This is in-line with the movement in the US REIT market over the same time period. These negative moves occurred as global financial markets digested lower growth expectations as well as the (ongoing) anticipation of an upward move in the US Federal Funds Policy rate.
INVESTEC BANK LIMITEDISSUE OF EQUITY STRUCTURED PRODUCTS (ESP)Investec Equity Structured Products (ESP): Commencement Date: 26 August 2015
It is a familiar notion that online shopping has made certain purchases more convenient. This has amplified the need for some companies to raise their web presence in order to gain competitive advantage, or even just to remain relevant. Notably though, it has also increased the need for the warehousing and distribution of merchandise. This in turn makes a compelling case for long term investment into Logistics REITs.
Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) that are specialists in Student Accommodation, Self-Storage, Communication Towers, Data Centres and even Prisons have listed their stock on public markets in recent years. This ongoing development of the REIT business model is a huge benefit for those investors willing to venture beyond the status quo of traditional Office, Industrial or Retail sectors. Specialist REITs provide investors with the opportunity to earn strong returns whilst further diversifying their property portfolio.
CAPE TOWN, 3 AUGUST 2015. Investec Bank Limited (Investec) is listing The Reitway Global Leveraged Equity Structured Product (Reitway ESP) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The product provides Investors with a liquid property investment with exposure to a global portfolio.
  Death, taxes and… With the odd exception such as Greece where tax evasion is deemed by some to be a national sport, there are only two things in life which are certain – death and taxes. Perhaps we should add a third item to that list – US interest rates are going up. Speculation about the timing and the magnitude is not the purpose of this document. Rather, what matters is that we are likely at or near a structural low in terms of US interest rates. The yield on the US 10-year Treasury increased from an intra-day low…
MARKET OVERVIEW The REIT & Bond Tango The listed real estate market continues to be influenced by movements in the bond markets and this was the main reason for the 8.12% correction by Global REITs during the second quarter. REITs are currently more correlated with bonds than they have ever been in history. The relationship between the two assets classes has increased significantly during the past 3 years and they look as though they are dancing the tango.
With its relatively low beta to global equities, global REITs can provide valuable diversification within a multi-asset-class (MAC) portfolio. This can be particularly useful at times when the risk of a correction in equity markets is great. Regardless of the outlook for equities, however, the inclusion of lower beta positions can still improve the risk-adjusted returns of a MAC portfolio.