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Market Performance The GPR 250 REIT World Index produced a total return of 6.68% in US dollar terms for the quarter ending 30 June 2018.  
Nobody ever lost money taking a profit – Bernard BaruchThe current dividend yield differential (DY) between REITs and equities is close to a 5-year high.
The commonly held beliefs of which factors contribute to generating returns from REITs have typically been attributed to High Yields, Medium levels of Leverage, and Mid – to High Cap Rates. In our current environment, the changing demographics brought on by an aging population has heightened the focus on post retirement income generation. However, a decline in capital generation is a by-product of a fixation on yield and ultimately a deterioration in the ability to generate income of any consequence.
Did you know........The mean reversion factor is the factor that contributes the most to REIT outperformance.
The GPR 250 REIT World Index exhibited a total return of -5.87% (in U.S. dollars) for the first quarter of 2018. The increase in the US 10-year bond yield from 2.4% at the start of the quarter, to 2.7% at quarter end, was a significant contributor to this.  
Did you know........ The REIT sector was a place where investors had a habit of overpaying for yield.
Tax season is once again upon us, and you can access the Reitway fund in a TFSA format on the Stanlib and Momentum platforms. See the related article for interesting information regarding TSFAs. Contact for Reitway TFSA specific information. Click here to download full article (Source: Moneyweb)
The global bond market did not go quietly into the New Year!A few swift moves during the last two weeks of 2017 pushed the 10-year Treasury yields through key levels to the highest since March. The yield curve, which had been relentlessly flattening, steepened the most since September 2016, while market-implied inflation rates reached an eight-month high as U.S. tax cuts were on the brink of becoming law.
Did you know........ Smart beta strategies have yet to make headway in the REIT sector.